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Converting Doc-to-Help Documenter for .NET projects to Doc-to-Help Sandcastle projects

1.   Make backup copy of the entire project before converting.

2.   Open the Doc-to-Help project (.d2h)

3.   Remove the Word document generated by Documenter for .NET from the project and delete the Word document file.

4.   Delete the character styles that are used for creating links from narrative to reference. They are: all Link ... styles (Link Class, Link Constructor,..., Link Type - 15 styles) and two more styles: "MSDN Link style" and "Block Key." (17 character styles total). Be careful not to delete any other styles.

5.   In all narrative Word source documents change the attached template from  to

6.   Add the plug-in document: Select Tools|New Plugin Document, enter its name in the common file dialog in the XMLDocuments folder ("Reference" is the suggested name, but any name is OK).

7.   Double-click the plug-in document, which will open the Properties for Generating Reference dialog box.

8.   Select Import, click the Browse button, and select the Documenter for .NET project file (.d2hdotnet) that you are converting.

This is the main point in the conversion process: the converter scans your Documenter for .NET project (.d2hdotnet) and converts its settings to properties of the plugin document (.xmlprop).

9.   When the conversion is finished, check that everything you need is converted:

      List of assemblies and XML files, see the "Assemblies" node

      XSLT transformation applied to the XML file, see the "Generation" node, "XSLT file to transform source code XML"

      Elements excluded from documentation, see unchecked nodes in the tree in the "Element filter" node.

10.  Select Generate in the context menu of the plugin document.

11.  Build the help target.

NOTE: Links from narrative to reference created using the "Link ..." styles, such as Link Class, Link Method, Link Property, etc should work after this conversion. But links created with C1H Jump and Link Tag styles will probably not work, because the titles of generated topics and therefore their linktags have changed (and these two styles have a linktag explicitly specified in the hotspot itself).Those links must be fixed manually.