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ContextString Property

When using context-sensitive and dynamic help with Microsoft Help 2.0, specifies a context string for the topic.


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The ContextString property applies to topics in the MS Help 2.0 target. It is used to build a context-sensitive index that is used in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET for context-sensitive help (F1) and dynamic help.

Each topic can have one or more context strings, or none. The ContextString property contains all context strings of the given topic separated by semicolon. Topic context strings form a hierarchical tree structure. A context string consists of dot-separated context names for each hierarchy level.

For example, a topic "Property MyProperty" can have:

ContextString = "MyCompany.MyProduct.MyProperty"

Topic "Properties MyProperty1 and MyProperty2" can have:

ContextString = "MyCompany.MyProduct.MyProperty1;MyCompany.MyProduct.MyProperty2"


      Click the Topics Icon.

      The property is located under the Display group in the Properties Pane.