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Context-Sensitive Help in JavaHelp

The JavaHelp context-sensitive help model does not require context IDs, so you can show JavaHelp topics in your application without specifying context IDs. Instead, JavaHelp context-sensitive help uses topic map IDs. Topic map IDs are strings specified for every topic in the .jhm file (JavaHelp map file) created by Doc-To-Help in the JavaHelp target directory. Doc-To-Help uses the AsciiName topic property value to generate map IDs. The map IDs are automatically generated when you build a JavaHelp target. If you need specific map IDs for JavaHelp context-sensitive help in your project, assign them to the AsciiName topic property.

To assign topic map IDs in your Doc-To-Help project:

1.   In the Icon Bar, click Topics.

2.   In the left pane, select All Topics.

3.   Select a topic in the right pane.

4.   In the property pane, enter the map ID for the AsciiName property.

For additional information on JavaHelp context-sensitive help, see the JavaHelp documentation.