Breadcrumbs Controls

Breadcrumbs are added by default to HTML Help, NetHelp, Help 2.0, and JavaHelp, but can be disabled in this dialog box.

They will appear above the topic title in HTML Help, Help 2.0, and JavaHelp targets.

In NetHelp, they can be on the topic toolbar, above the topic title, or both. To include breadcrumbs in the Topic toolbar, you must create a custom buttom with a Breadcrumbs variable in its text. See Exploring the Configuration Node (NetHelp Only) for more information about creating a custom button.


Show Breadcrumbs (In NetHelp Show Breadcrumbs even if not included in Topic toolbar)

If checked, breadcrumbs will be displayed above the topic title. For NetHelp targets with breadcrumbs already displayed in the Topic toolbar, you may want to clear this checkbox because breadcrumbs will appear in two places.

Show separator line under breadcrumbs

If checked, a line will appear under the breadcrumbs.displayed above the topic title. (Does not apply for NetHelp breadcrumbs in the topic toolbar.)

Include current topic in breadcrumbs

If checked, the topic displayed will appear as the last topic in the breadcrumbs. Otherwise, the breadcrumb path will stop at the topic’s parent. Please note that top-level topics will not have breadcrumbs.


Text entered here will be displayed before the breadcrumb links (for example, “You are here:”). If the Inherit from Project checkbox is selected, the text specified using the BreadcrumbsLabel Property will be used.

Link Separator

Determines the text that will separate breadcrumbs links. Most commonly used separators are: “>”, “::”,  or “|”.


Six style controls are available to specify the font and color used for breadcrumbs links. Select the Use default styles checkbox to choose the defaults for all.

ContentsOnly Style

Controls font/color of TOC items with no topic(s) (for example, a top-level heading). These items do not have links.

Selected Style

Enabled if Include current topic in breadcrumbs is selected. Controls font/color of last topic displayed in breadcrumbs path.

Normal Style

Controls font/color of breadcrumb links.

Hover Style

Controls font/color of the breadcrumb link when mouse hovers over it.

Label Style

Controls font/color of breadcrumbs label.

Link separator style

Controls font/color  of link separator text.