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AsciiName Property

Specifies the ASCII-only string used to identify the topic in situations where non-ASCII characters are not allowed.


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This property is important for Help authoring in languages that have non-ASCII alphabets, such as Cyrillic and Asian languages. In some instances, names generated by Doc-To-Help must be ASCII. Such instances include identifiers in *.h and *.bas map files that are used for context-sensitive help in C and Visual Basic programming languages, see MapFileForC, MapFileForVB.

Also, topic file URLs in HTML-based Help are also usually ASCII-only (controlled by the property URLMode with three possible values Full/AsciiOnly/TopicID). This is not a problem for languages with ASCII alphabets (English), and it is usually not a problem for languages that have only few non-ASCII letters (such as German). In these cases, the names, formed automatically from topic titles, omit the non-ASCII characters. In languages that are completely non-ASCII (such as Russian or Japanese) no part of the topic title can be used (ALL characters are omitted), so the names become a construct of underscores and numbers. By using the AsciiName property, you can make these names mnemonic.

You can change the default AsciiName property value for any topic to an ASCII string, and that string will be used as the topic identifier in a C or Visual Basic map file. It will also be used as the default value for the topic URL property, if URLMode=AsciiOnly and the topic URL property is empty.


      Click the Topic Icon.

      The property is located under the Misc group in the Properties Pane.