Applying a User Defined Style

Applying user-defined paragraph styles is performed in the same manner as applying built-in styles. The steps below demonstrate how to apply the paragraph style we defined above in our source file.

1.   In the Icon Bar, click Project.

2.   In the left pane, click Documents.

3.   In the right pane select StyleGuide.doc, right-click and select Open from the shortcut menu.

4.   Scroll down to find the "Engage Your Readers" section, find the "How can you engage your readers?" text.

5.   Place your cursor anywhere in that line.

6.   Apply the My Heading 2 style to that line. Note that if the style does not appear in the Styles and Formatting window, select Tools |Templates and Add-Ins, and check the Automatically update document styles checkbox. Click OK to close the window.

7.   Save and close Word and return to the Project Editor.

8.   Click the Make Target button.

9.   Click the View Target button.

10.  Click the "Engage Your Readers" Topic.

11.  Click the "How can you engage your readers?" sub-topic. Note that the "How can you engage your readers?" font has changed to reflect your custom style.

12.  When youíre finished, close the Help file.