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AffectsAppearance Property

Determines whether the style defines the appearance of the text (font, color, etc.) in the target help file, or is only used to create a hotspot or keyword and does not affect target appearance.


Applies To


Character Style


When set to False, the selected style is used to define hot spots (links) and keywords. It does not determine text formatting (font, color, etc.). The hot spot appearance is determined by the default rules of the target. (For example, links in HTML based targets are underlined blue.)

When set to True, the selected style defines the appearance of the text in the help target as well as the functionality of the links and keywords. In this case, formatting in the target help file will be exactly as specified in the document or the target template.

Character styles with an AffectsAppearance Property set to True can be used to specify the appearance of links generated by other means. For example, a style with AffectsAppearance Property = True and Type = None can be use to format topic links, dynamic links and margin notes if you need to override the default link appearance for them.


      Click the Project Icon.

      Select the Character Style item from the left pane Tree View.

      The property is located under the Display group in the Properties Pane.