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Additional Doc-To-Help 2000 Conversion Items

The list below includes some known items that you should check after converting your Doc-To-Help 2000 project to Doc-To-Help 2007.

1.   If there are topics that are excluded from the default Help target via conditional text, then any hyperlinks to those topics will need to be recreated manually.

2.   Tables containing conditional text may require the conditional text be reapplied, particularly if multiple targets were involved. If the original table contained a conditional column, you must make two tables and mark them accordingly.

3.   If you have a list of related topics at the end of a parent topic, you may have to reinsert the related topics heading, or the heading that precedes the list of topics and their buttons. Doc-To-Help uses the Help target ButtonLabel property to add a related topics heading.

4.   If a {bmc} reference or HTML passthrough code cannot locate a file, check the value of the CopyFolder property. Either move the missing file to one of the referenced folders or append a new folder (preceded by a semi-colon) to the string value.