Adding an HTML Editor

In some cases, the HTML editor you would like to use may be missing from the list of HTML editors. You can search the system for available editors, or add your own manually:

1.   In the Doc-To-Help Project Editor, select Tools | Options to open the Options dialog box.

2.   Select the HTML Editors tab. A list of available HTML editors appears.

3.   Click Get System Editors to update the list with all editors on your system. If your HTML editor is still not appearing, you must add it manually.

4.   Click the Add button. The Add HTML Editor dialog box appears.

5.   Enter a name for the editor in the Name textbox.

6.   Under Program file, click Browse and locate the program in the Open dialog box.

7.   Select the file and click Open.

8.   Click OK to close the Add HTML Editor dialog box. The editor now appears in the list of HTML Editors.

9.   Click OK or set the editor as your default HTML editor.