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Adding a Link Tag to a Topic

In order for a topic to be a destination for a jump or pop-up link, it must have a unique link tag that identifies it. Link tags can be generated automatically by paragraph styles, programmatically by scripts, or manually by the author.

To enable automatic link tags for a paragraph style:

1.   On the Icon bar, click Project.

2.   Select the Paragraph Styles item from the left pane.

3.   In the right pane, choose the paragraph style to be edited.

4.   In the property pane, set the AutoLink property value to True.

Link tags created in this manner are identical to the topic title except that spaces, hyphens, and periods are converted to underscores; letters, numbers, and underscores are unchanged; and all other characters are removed. For example, the topic title:

BackColor Property (TextBox)

yields the link tag:



Examining Link Tags

Manually Inserting Link Tags