Adding a Dynamic Link

To add a link to an index keyword(s) or to an index group using the Add Dynamic Link dialog box:

1.   In Microsoft Word, highlight the word or words you wish to use as your dynamic link hot spot.

2.   Click the Add Dynamic Link button .

3.   From the Add Dynamic Link dialog box, choose the index keyword or index keyword group you wish to associate with your hot spot and click OK.

Doc-To-Help supports multiple index keyword selection by using the Shift and Ctrl keys. Simply press and hold the SHIFT key, for consecutive selections, or CTRL key, for nonconsecutive selections, and choose the record selector buttons to the left of the index keywords as shown below.

4.   The Display in combo box allows you to override the TopicsFound property in HTML Help targets on a case-by-case basis.

Note: The default for this option is a pop-up menu.

5.   If desired, select which window you want your topics to open in from the Window combo box.

The window drop-down contains the currently defined help windows. You can modify the contents of this drop-down by creating custom help windows. For more information, see Customizing Help Windows.

6.   Save and close the Word document.

7.   Compile and view your Help project.

Depending on how you set the Display in combo box, clicking the hyperlink presents you with either a pop-up or topics found dialog box from which to choose a topic.

Alternatively, you can perform the same steps with the Insert|ComponentOne Doc-To-Help|Dynamic Link menu command.